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How do I know?  Because just this morning, my fingers walked passed by the traditional eye liner pencils, in boring colours of black/brown, brown, chestnut brown, and gasp, taupe,  to settle on a bright, shiny, emerald green. A colour I would never ever wear in the staid surroundings of my April to October world of Oakville, Ontario. All right, it’s really not much of a statement, but in my world of carefully curated outfits & makeup for women of a certain age, it is bordering on blasphemy! Or at least merits a raised eye-brow from the ladies at the Club.

Our round of social events in San Miguel once again leaves us breathless: outdoor market on Saturday morning, horse show in the afternoon, birthday dinner in the evening. We closed the day with a set from our favourite crooner, “Johnny Favourite”, Newfoundland’s gift to SMA.

Sunday began with an afternoon party in the campo, and a band of young hipsters, rocking out the covers for the grey haired crowd that partied on.

Some of the folks who live here or just enjoy their winters in SMA apparently find their most favourite selves in the ’70’s and their sartorial style in Texas.   In certain circles, it is a world of  carefully draped serapes, expensive jeans worn tucked into embroidered cowboy boots, worn with stylish Panama or cowboy hats, and lots of silver. On the dance floor, they sing along with passion to “Come Together,” while madly shaking their booties, some smiling smiles too bright to be natural and ladies carefully arranging long “blonde” hair to cover evidence.   But who am I, a woman who can attach meaning to the choice of bright green eyeliner, to criticize anyone’s choices?


Rock on Boomers, Rock on.

When the music started to wan, we retired to drinks at a friend’s wonderful house on the hill, and then gratefully home.  The snow is blowing back in Ontario, and we are in front of a fire, contemplating falling into our bed.  Frank Capra had nothing on us.



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