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As those of you who read this blog know, Ben & I sold our beautiful sailboat Glory in the spring of this year. The action was was bittersweet for both of us: a little bitter in that we would not longer be an active part of the sailing community at our Club.  No, the sailing folks are not going to snub us, but most friendships need some common ground upon which to build and nurture connections. No boat, no real reason to chat beyond a brief, “hi how are ya?”.  Occasionally, I  look out the boats in the harbour with a wistful sigh, wishing I had suggested more overnight cruises, or even evening sailing excursions under those glorious full moons.  I wish that I had become more proficient in handling our Niagara 35, facing the challenge of getting her out of the slip and back in again. But our time with that boat, and likely any boat,  simply came to an end.

Glory in the Harbour before we bought her

Glory in the Harbour before we bought her

So what was the sweet part of the journey?  We no longer had to worry about whether we were using the boat enough, was the bilge full, were the sails in good shape, had the spiders taken over the cockpit, and any number of the thousands of minutiae that go into boat ownership.   Boats truly are “holes in the water where your money goes in”.  Launch, mooring, new lines, new paint, new fenders, winterizing, and being “on the hard”:  all of these things cost money and so, after we sold her,  we found ourselves well, feeling a little flush.

So we decided to have some fun.

Specifically, a couple of short weekends in 2 major US cities, one in Toronto and a couple with friends in the Ontario countryside.  Travelling during the summer is problematic when you are a boat owner, because you always have this nagging feeling that something might go wrong, it likely will, and you should be there to take care of it if it does. And you want to actually use the boat of course.  We felt like “empty nesters”, free from care and responsibility.

Here are some of the photos I took on our trips to New York City & Boston:  we had a wonderful time,  stayed in very good hotels, ate extravagantly only once, maybe twice, and walked everywhere.  It confirmed our love for cities, and so we have already booked our two week trip to London next week. If you don’t know, downtown historic Oakville, where I live now, is a former port and ship building town on Lake Ontario: it is made up of outsize mansions, quaint cottages among the trees, and is generally so quiet that the only sound I hear from my office window is the “fetch” off the Lake and the sound of  bells from three churches. So London (and then Paris for a weekend, and a side trip to Bath) is a wonderful contrast, and it is the difference in both settings that makes me appreciate them more.





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