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IMG_5762How does one attempt to describe this wonderful and amazing city in a few words or even a few photos? Perhaps the attempt should not be made, except by exception.  Here is what I discovered this time, my fourth, in this urban playground.

The art of Michael Landy:  this extraordinary (there’s that word again) artist believes that art should not be static, that it should be changed with each viewer that it interacts with.  Thus there is a huge roulette wheel of fortune that when spun, gives you prophecies like  “You will burn forever in extreme agony while splayed on a rock“ and a large head of Saint Michael hanging from a chain that begs you to throw a paper mache stone at it, and my personal favourite, a tortured saint that when you press on footpad, drives a knife into his heart with a great booming sound.  Astounding!


Pliers heading towards the Madonna’’s mouth, controlled by a foot pedal. Bizarre yet fascinating.


The restaurant of Maximo Bistro:   Chef Eduardo Garcia surprised even Michael Coon, whom he has known for some time, when Chef revealed many personal details from his past.  It is well-known that he worked his way up for 6 years in the kitchen of celebrity chef Eric Ripert of Le Bernadin.  But less well-known is that he was underage by 2 years when he started in that kitchen!  And that he had already toiled in the agricultural fields of California for 5 and that is how he came to appreciate the farmers and all of their hard work.   And that he was illiterate until he was 21.  This must be what Chef Ripert saw in him:  energy and talent forged with an uncompromising work ethic.

I observed a young man doing prep in the Maximo kitchen:  with his rapid fire chopping, concentration on his task, moving around the board with a physicality that plainly eclipsed his workmates, there was no doubt that if he has the creative chops too, here was the next Eduardo.


Chef Garcia with that hyper sous in the background

Chef Garcia with that hyper commi in the background


Tender octopus in just made tomato salsa


A fortune in truffle slivers sprinkled over hand made ravioli

The Mercado Roma market:  like Eataly in New York City, this gourmet food hall has brought together all the cuisines from across Latin America (and beyond) and put them under one upmarket roof.  Everything you need to pull together a picnic to be enjoyed on your own or at the communal table beside the living wall. (Yes, walls with plants are all the rage in DF too! )




Antiguo Colegio de San Ildefonso, Justo Sierra 14, Centro Historico, 5702 2991

Maximo Bistro, Tonala 133, Roma, Mexico DF, 5264 4291  (Call way ahead for reservations:  friends of mine got left out in the cold, literally, when they were seated on the terrace during February)

Mercado Roma, Calle Quertero #225, Roma Norte, Hours Open  9:00 am to 6:00 pm

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