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Not too much prose today: I am in the midst of trying to capture the essence of a delicious dinner I enjoyed last night. It was at a “fushion” restaurant which was recently judged by Conde Naste to be one of the top 50 in the world. Tonight, I am dining at one of the top 10 in China. It promises to be an interesting comparison of the cuisine of 2 of China’s best Western style chefs, overlayed with the relative experience of the solitary diner (that would be me) in their establishments. A hardship I can hardly wait to experience!
As I promised some posts ago, there will be roses, and they are blooming in all their fragrant, beautous glory right now. In China, the rose is the symbol of youth; there is no one flower that symbolizes love exclusively as the rose does in the West. The peony is much revered in China: as a symbol of spring, it is also a metaphor for female beauty and reproduction. Peonies denote wealth and abundance, and in bloom can represent love and affection. According to one Chinese site on symbolism that I scanned, the leaves of the gingko tree also represent love. Novel idea for a Valentines’ day gift: nothing says “I love you” like a gingko tree planted in the back yard!
Interestingly, I discovered that our own Maple Leaf is the emblem of lovers in China and Japan. Mmmh, could be the basis for a new tourism marketing campaign for Canada. But we must be wary of overpromising. Indeed, I wonder if travellers from those 2 nations are dissappointed now when they travel to our country and find a wealth of leaves but a dearth of lovers!

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